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From 1999 to 2002 and from 2006 through 2017, on behalf of the National Museum of Bermuda and in partnership with the University of Rhode Island and formerly with St. Mary’s College of California, the IWMA has conducted an annual summer field school in maritime archaeology in Bermuda. Over the 15 years the field school has been offered, students from universities and colleges throughout the United States, Canada, parts of South America and Europe have been introduced to the history and evolution of ship construction, aspects of maritime history, the theory and methods of underwater archaeology, the basic principles of remote sensing and visual surveys, the methods of underwater excavation, documentation, and photography, and artifact conservation and cataloging. Through their

work in the field school, students have contributed to the body of scientific pertaining to the maritime history of Bermuda, as well as the specific knowledge being discovered each year through the archaeological excavation and documentation of the shipwrecks that have been focus of our study. The field school is a research project with two aims: the discovery of new shipwrecks in Bermuda’s waters that will add to our understanding of Bermuda’s maritime history, and the recovery of archaeological data from a specific shipwreck site that will contribute to our understanding of the evolution of ship construction.


Check this space for upcoming information on the 2019 Field School in Maritime Archaeology 

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